Giới thiệu

Giới thiệu

Vision – Mission – Core Values

To become the leading modern and effective GMP-WHO Veterinary Medicine manufacturing company in Vietnam, with constant labor and creative efforts to produce high quality Veterinary Medicines and Aquatic Veterinary Medicines. high quality, meeting the requirements of domestic and regional markets.
By 2040 Always maintain the leading position in the field of veterinary medicine and aquatic veterinary medicine.

Producing and trading Veterinary Medicines and Aquatic Veterinary Medicines with quality assurance, in order to contribute to the construction of animal husbandry, Bringing high efficiency to breeders and aquaculture. Operating under the principle of “For the HEALTH OF THE COMMUNITY”.
At the same time, VINAVETCO actively applies advanced scientific and technical advances to the production of veterinary drugs in order to bring economic benefits to Vietnam’s livestock industry on the basis of bringing optimal value to customers and shareholders. crowd and workers.

Core values
Taking the needs of customers and partners is the service goal of the Company. Always listen to the voice of the customer to give the best solution/advice to meet the needs of the customer and the farmer. At the same time, ensure the interests of loyal customers, as well as partners of the Company.” help customers, partners identify the Company clearly and in more detail
Always show creativity in all activities; continuously innovate in the production and business of veterinary drugs and aquatic veterinary drugs in order to ensure quality, in accordance with the requirements and general situation of the market, contribute to the stabilization of diseases, and at the same time have a good plan. surplus to create the best products for the Company and contribute to the development of the livestock and aquaculture industry of Vietnam.
With the goal: To become a branded and reputable enterprise in the field of business investment in veterinary drugs, aquatic drugs and vaccines. Stable, sustainable development and gradually expanding operating markets to provinces and cities throughout the country in which the Company has strengths, improving, Diversifying products to suit the general situation, constantly improving. product quality .
VINAVETCO Always be consistent in the way and always adhere to the technical discipline to create products with the highest efficiency.
VINAVETCO Always listen, share, care, acknowledge to customers, partners, shareholders, leaders, colleagues and respect yourself.
+ Safe, effective and sustainable;
+ Always put credibility first, towards greater values, towards creating products that are not only good for the Vietnamese people and Vietnamese society, but also contribute to building the Company’s brand;
+ Customers’ trust is always put on top, quickly conquering the domestic market and expanding the network abroad;
+ Loyalty, devotion, solidarity, innovation, wisdom, discipline;
+ For Partners – Provide stable output, effective guidance, risk prevention, environmental protection and safe breeding for the outsourcing partner system;
+ Show the spirit, attitude and actions of the whole Company, each department, each officer, and always have high responsibility for customers, partners, shareholders, leaders and employees.

VINAVETCO provides products with the aim of “For the health of the community” and society, proud to be one of the leading veterinary medicine manufacturers in Vietnam.

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