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History of Establishment
• March 23, 1973: According to Decision No. 97 NN-TCQD of the Ministry of Agriculture separating the department of supplying veterinary supplies to establish a company named Veterinary Supplies Company Level I
• In 2000: TW1 Veterinary Supplies Company was equitized and became TW1 Veterinary Medicine Joint Stock Company with initial charter capital of VND 7 billion.
• October 2005: The company issued bonus shares, increasing its charter capital to 11.9 billion dong
• October 2006: The company issued bonus shares, increasing its charter capital to 14.28 billion dong
• February 2008: Company issued to existing shareholders, increasing charter capital to VND 33,078 billion
• June 2009: Company issued to existing shareholders, increased charter capital to 66 billion
• May 2011: The company registered for the first time at the Vietnam Securities Depository Center with the stock code VNY.
• August 2014: The company issues shares to pay dividends and issues bonus shares, increasing its charter capital to VND 82.5 billion
• June 2021: The company issues private shares, charter capital is 142,499,690,000 VND

Achievements & Awards
• 01 Labor Medal, Class III awarded by the President in 1985
• 01 Class II Labor Medal awarded by the President in 1996
• 08 emulation flags, certificates of merit awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development for excellent achievements from 1990-1999
• The Company’s Party Committee has been recognized by the Dong Da District Party Committee for many years as a clean and strong Party base.
• For 20 consecutive years from 1988 to 2007 the People’s Committee of Dong Da district awarded the title and the flag to compete in self-defense and the flag for 20 years of the unit determined to win.
• From 1990-2008, the Hanoi Police Department continuously awarded flags, certificates of merit and certificates of merit in security work.
• Being a strong grassroots trade union for many years and in 2006 awarded by Dong district trade union.
• Many certificates of merit, certificates of merit for production and business activities and other activities of the unit.
• In 2007 received the 2nd Brand and Brand Gold Cup.

VINAVETCO is Vietnam’s leading and oldest veterinary medicine manufacturing and trading enterprise, a brand that is loved and trusted by consumers nationwide.

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