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Chicken’s Asthma


The disease is caused by Mycoplasma gallisepticum.

Chickens are sick and moody, eat less, grow slowly, and become weak.
Chickens have difficulty breathing, coughing, choking.
Runny nose, tears, eyelid inflammation, sometimes see swelling of the head.
In laying hens, egg production is reduced.

Trachea congestive, foamy.
The lungs are bruised.
Airbag inflammation, opaque.

Create ventilation, reduce chicken density/m2 of coop. Periodically spray disinfectants on barns and livestock equipment: Vinadin, Vinadin 600, Chlorine dioxide, Vina aqua….
– Vinadin: 100ml of medicine mixed with 10 liters of water.
– Chlorine dioxide: 1g mixed with 1 liter of water.
Use one of the antibiotics: Anti CRD, Tylosin 98%, Tiamulin 10%, Gentatylodex oral, Ampicoli fort…
Anti CRD: 2g/liter of water/day, use continuously for 4-7 days.
– Tylosin 98%: 1g/1 liter of water or mixed with 0.5 kg of feed/day. Continuous use 4-5 days.
– Tiamulin 10%: Mix with drinking water or mix feed with 20g/100 kg of poultry.
– Gentatylodex Oral: Mix with drinking water or mix with food 1g/5kg P/day.
– Sulmix-plus: 1-1.5g/liter of water, use 3-6 days in a row.
Supplement, increase resistance: B.complex, Vinamix 200, Stress-bran, Enzyme phyte 1…
– B.complex for oral: One pack of 100g of medicine mixed with 300 liters of water or mixed with 100 kg of mixed feed.
– Vinamix 200: 1 g/1 liter of water/day for continuous use for 10 days or the whole farming process.
– Stress-bran: 1g drug mixed in 2 liters of water, the drug is used continuously for 4-5 days.

Keep the barn dry, clean, and ensure ventilation.
Disinfect the barn periodically with: Vinadin, Vinadin 600, Chlorine dioxide, Vina Aqua…
Procedure for prevention of CRD in chickens:

Kind of Poultry Medication time Drug delivery route
Industrial broiler chicken
Free-range broiler chickens
Breeding hens Laying hens
12-14, 28-30 and 42-45 days old
From 12-14, after half a month use once every 2-3 months, use 1 course of medicine.
Before giving birth and every 2 months, use 1 course of medicine.
Mixing food or give it to drink

Use each course of medicine for 3 days, the preventive dose is equal to ½ of the cure dose.

* Note: It is recommended to rotate preventive medicine every 2 months.