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Bird flu

Caused by avian influenza viruses of the family Orthomyxoviridae, with continuous mutation characteristics, there have been major pathogenic branches so far: Clade 1.1, Clade A, Clade B, Clade C.
Poultry of all ages can be infected, but it is most common in chickens between 4 and 8 weeks of age, where ducks and geese are carriers. The disease occurs all year round, but is easy to break out in winter and spring.

Chicken with high fever, drink lots of water.
Chickens have difficulty breathing, rhinitis, sinusitis, watery eyes, runny nose, cough, asthma, sneezing, beak scales.
The crest is bruised, cyanotic, swollen, and necrotic.
Diarrhea green stools, white stools, yellow stools.
Foot bleeding.
High morbidity and mortality rates.

Inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, inflammation of the air sacs.
Bleeding on the surface of muscles and internal organs such as liver, heart, pancreas, spleen, and kidneys.
Hemorrhage of thigh muscle, pectoral muscle, myocardium, coronary heart and abdominal fat.
Gastrointestinal bleeding, small intestine, ileocecal valve, anal mucosa…

The disease has no specific treatment, so using vaccines is an effective and positive measure to prevent avian influenza.
Actively vaccinated against influenza H5N1 at 2 weeks of age, 5 weeks of age and 15 days before birth. Then periodically vaccinate twice a year in April and October.
Create a fence to isolate the livestock area from the outside environment, sprinkle powdered lime around the barn and walkways.
Periodically spray disinfectants for barns: Vinadin, Vinadin 600, Chlorine dioxide, Vina aqua….
Nourish the body, strengthen the resistance with one of the following products: B.complex, Vinamix 200, Stress-bran, Amino-Polymix…
– B.complex for oral: One pack of 100g of medicine mixed with 300 liters of water or mixed with 100 kg of mixed feed.
– Vinamix 200: 1 g/1 liter of water/day for continuous use for 10 days or the whole farming process.
– Stress-bran: 1g drug mixed in 2 liters of water, the drug is used continuously for 4-5 days.
– Amino-Polymix: Mix 0.5g of the drug in 1 liter of drinking water.
Routine vaccination and use of antibiotics to prevent disease:
– Colivinavet: 10g of the drug for 30-40kgP/day.
– Antidiarrhoea: 1 pack of 10g for 50kg body weight of poultry.
– Gentatylodex oral: 1g/5 kgP/day equivalent to 1g/liter of water or 1g/0.5kg of food.
– Ampicoli fort: Pack of 50/200 kgP/day.
– Vina Neodox: mix 100g of medicine with 50 liters of drinking water, use the drug continuously for 3-5 days.
– Vina Poultry: : 0.5-1g/1 liter/day mixed in drinking water, equivalent to 1-2g/10kgP/day mixed with food

When detecting chickens infected with avian influenza, they must be destroyed simultaneously according to the Ordinance on Veterinary Medicine. Vaccinated to surround the outbreak with a radius of 3km,
Disinfect stables, feeders, drinkers and livestock equipment with: Vinadin, Vinadin 600, Chlorine dioxide, Vina aqua….
– Vinadin: 100ml of medicine mixed with 10 liters of water.
– Chlorine dioxide: 1g mixed with 1 liter of water.